Which literary darling are you?

Take our quiz to find out which of Jane Austen's iconic heroines is most like you

1. You have a free day. What do you do?

A) Read, walk and maybe visit my closest friend.

B) Roam about the bleak moors, waiting for my true love!

C) Go out with two friends and leave them… alone.

D) I can’t leave my house! I’m still terrified by a scary book I read last year.

E) Probably tidy my room and get some homework done.


2. You have been invited to a ball! How will you spend the evening?

A) I’ll dance a bit if there’s a partner free. My sister and I will pretend to have no acquaintance with the rest of our family.

B) I’ll dance every dance with my true love, ignoring everyone else.

C) My evening will be spent viewing the fruits of my labour as I watch all the friends I’ve set up dance together.

D) I’ll have fun, but it probably won’t live up to the wild expectations I’ve set for it.

E) I’ll put a smile on and try to enjoy myself as much as I can, but balls aren’t my scene.


3. Which three words sum you up?

A) Spirited, witty and intelligent.

B) Romantic, melodramatic and gullible.

C) Charming, fun-loving and manipulative.

D) Imaginative, sweet and innocent.

E) Altruistic, dutiful and level-headed.


4. How would you respond to an unwelcome proposal?

A) I would endeavour to be polite, but I can be firm if the occasion calls for it.

B) Unless I truly loved the person proposing to me, I would have no qualms in declining their offer.

C) I’d turn them down with a smile. I don’t need a love life; I’m much too busy managing those of my friends!

D) I’d probably BURST with excitement and accept out of politeness.

E) I’d ask to have a day to think about it.


5. What do you look for in a love interest?

A) Someone who understands me, respects me and makes me smile.

B) Wildly romantic gestures and poems promising undying adoration.

C) Non-existence?

D) Someone who I amuse.

E) Sense and kindness.


MOSTLY A: You’re most similar to Elizabeth Bennet, who is widely heralded as Austen’s most lovable protagonist. You share Lizzy’s sparky, vivacious outlook on life and people are drawn to your confidence. You are not afraid to speak your mind – in fact, you take great pleasure in airing your views and putting people in their place. You are rarely intimidated and can seem harsh, but you are incredibly kind and loving to your nearest and dearest.


MOSTLY B: You are like Marianne Dashwood; you’re led solely by your heart and this can sometimes blind you to more sensible paths of action. Even if you sometimes make rash judgements, everybody loves you for your idealistic sense of romance and all wish that they could see the world through your eyes. You are very loyal to those who you love and get extremely hurt if one of these people betrays you. However, drama queen as you may be, your instinct will lead you to the right place in the end.


MOSTLY C: You’re like Emma Wodehouse. You’re both social butterflies who take delight in scheming and gossiping. You hate it when things don’t go your way (although this rarely happens; most people are completely under your spell). Some people, however, see past this light-hearted side of you and realise that you are a lot less self-assured than you let on. Keep these people close to you.


MOSTLY D: Like Catherine Morland, your imagination knows no bounds and can sometimes rule your life. You love reading – you have the lucky talent of being able to immerse yourself completely in fictional worlds and many envy you for this. You are very naïve and believe that life is exactly like a novel. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can overwhelm you, so you enjoy spending time with people who understand and enjoy your creative nature.


MOSTLY E: Your Austen alter-ego is Anne Elliot – you are very dutiful and rarely do anything without thinking about how it would affect others’. feelings. However, you are not completely selfless; you have a few goals which you strive towards and you would do almost anything to fulfil them. However, not many people recognise your ambition and you can come across as a ‘people pleaser’ sometimes.