When Jonny Met Ian

Harry and Sally can step aside

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years you will be aware of the burn(s)ing passion between our two favourite techies. M2 decided to go out and investigate everyone’s favourite bromance.

When did you first meet each other?

J: It was late 2012. Nah I think it was August.

I: He came into school for his job interview at 9:00 I recall. I gave him a quick tour of the school.

J: He was the first person I met actually.

What were your first impressions of each other? Did you get on straight away?

I: Yeah I think we did. Jonny was a very relaxed candidate.

J: I was quite scared of the school because of how big the doors were, but Ian put me at ease immediately.

What are your favourite things about each other?

I: I like the fact that Ian always compliments all of my skills, but anything I can’t do he can do, and vice versa. I guess that’s why we’re such a good team. We complement each other so beautifully.

J: Just how talented he is really, he’s always so relaxed but manages to always do so much incredible work.

Have you ever had a fight?

J: We haven’t actually.

I: We’ve had a couple of heated debates but that’s it really.

Do you think you bond over the things that you love or you hate more?

I: Over the things we love, definitely - theatre, music, 90’s dance tunes.

J: Yeah we’ve got our 90’s mega mix that we tend to enjoy.

I: You cant beat a bit of N-Trance 'Set You Free',

J: Bit of Faithless 'Insomnia', bit of Vengaboys.

Do you guys dance to that?

J: Oh yeah

I: I would call it more bobbing than dancing. We do try to work at the same time.

Who’s the best dancer?

J: I would have to say Mr Hawes; at my wedding he was a particularly good dancer.

I: You’re pretty nifty on your feet too.

It seems that you guys really care about your music - if you were to have a band what would it be called?

I: It could be called 'AV/IT'.

J: I think go down the cheesy route with something like 'Source 4'.

I: That’s a type of theatre light...

J: We like lights.

Are there any songs that make you think about the other?

J: Backstreet Boys, I dunno why... nah I think Alex Clare 'Too Close'.

I: Aqua mega mix of course! I’m joking; we have so many memories together it would be hard to listen to 'Angel' by Sarah McLachlan without thinking about you.

If you were to cook each other a meal what would it be?

I: Takeaway pizza.

J: Definitely.

I: I can’t cook.

J: And I just don’t cook, so it would have to be a takeaway, a very romantic one of course, with candles and all that jazz.

If you could change one thing about the other person what would that be?

I: I would make him not live so far away.

J: I would let him be his own boss, so that no one can tell him what to do.

If you were to sum up the other person in one word what would it be?

J: Inspirational

I: Ooooh nice one, I want to say highly talented but that’s two words. Maybe uniquely talented; he needs more than one word.

Have you met each other’s families?

J: Yes

I: Yeah they’re very nice. We didn’t do that thing when we took each other home to meet our families because we’re not actually a couple.

J: Sorry to disappoint.

Do you think that if one of you stopped working here you’d remain friends?

I: Yes.

J: Yes definitely, I can’t imagine us not being friends.