What’s the deal with Billie Eilish?

Taking a moment to appreciate the raw talent and potential of this rising star

How many people have 3 EPs, 3 albums, No. 1 hit and a world tour, all by the age of 17? Billie Eilish. And whilst she doesn’t fit any genre, she may end up dominating radio too. While mainstream pop music has become increasingly focused on song melody and beat, up-and-comer Billie Eilish refuses to stick to the status quo: “Lyrics are so important, I don’t think people realize how important they are.”

What really sets her apart as a rising star is her fanbase of a similar age, allowing millions to share the same experiences with her for the first time, this generation’s hope, anxiety, vulnerability and heartbreak reflected in her songs. Eilish’s natural popularity is nearly unheard of, particularly at a time when artists never emerge without the help of a powerful record label or an abundance of money.

Eilish is a trailblazer for alternative music, not sounding out of place as the genre continues to morph and she leads, redefining alternative by not defining it at all. Her charm is her ability to find a unique perspective to present a message and music, adding shadowy intrigue to classic subjects.

Nobody can predict where she’s going to go musically, but that’s part of the attraction and the phenomenon that’s building. You don’t really know where it’s going to end, but you know it’s going to get bigger. All that’s left to do is wait and see what those Ocean Eyes do next!

Katie V