A Tech Christmas Gift Guide

Always that one person you're struggling to buy for? Look no further!

One of the most crucial aspects of the festive tradition is inarguably the act of giving gifts. Each year people struggle to find the best presents to give to those you care about - well fear no more, I have created a list of the best tech-related gifts that anybody would be happy to have.

  • Pela Phone Case – Pela phone cases are entirely biodegradable, naturally breaking down to dust rather than ending up in a landfill like 85% of phone cases. With multiple colour and pattern options, they are perfect for your environmentally conscious friend!


  • Urban Outfitters Mobile Lens Kit – These lenses are perfect for anyone looking to step up their photography but without the hassle of a full-size camera. Colour options include rose gold and metallic blue.


  • What do you Meme? Game – Probably one of the funniest games out there, What do you Meme? was made for all those late-night Instagram scrollers. Each round a photo card is chosen and the gamemaster awards points to the best caption! Please be aware What do you Meme? has mature content and will not be suitable for younger years.


  • Ban.do Retractable Charging Cord – Not only do these chargers retract for easy storage but also a clip to attach to your bag or keys, doubling as a funky keychain! They are super durable and last for ages so gone are the days worrying about lost or broken chargers.


  • Calm App Subscription – Technology is super stressful and tiring these days and it can constantly feel like a chore or a cause of anxiety. The calm app gives you over 1000 different meditations at a touch of a fingertip as well as relaxing music and sleep stories, perfect to calm even the most stressed VIII.


  • Amazon Echo Dot – Constantly trying to check the weather and the tube delays on your phone in the morning whilst sorting out your bed-head and getting dressed? Having an Echo is like having your own PA called Alexa - you just ask, and she can tell you the news, weather, your calendar, transport, play music, set timers and even how many days are left until Christmas!


  • PowerBeats 3 Wireless – Essential for anyone who is always hitting the gym before school, these wireless headphones are sweat and water resistant with over 12 hours of battery life so no need to worry about charging them every night. One of the most powerful headphones out there and fully equipped for belting out Beyoncé at top volume for when you need that bit more morning motivation!


  • Free People Touch Pro Bluetooth Make-Up Mirror – A slightly pricier gift, this mirror from Free People is honestly the best makeup mirror ever. You can use Bluetooth to connect your phone to it so you can pick up calls and play music hands-free, perfect for when you’re busy trying to perfect your cat-eye!


  • Ikea Nordmarke Wireless Charger – One of the best and cheapest wireless chargers out there, Ikea have completely outdone themselves with prices ranging from £15-60. The lamp/charger is a must for any tech-sav's bedside table, and we love the triple charger for when more than one person wants to charge their phone at once!


  • Spotify Membership – An absolute classic, a Spotify membership is perfect for anyone who wants to try new music with algorithm created playlists showing you more music like the music you already like. Not only that but with Spotify Premium music can be downloaded, making it easier to listen to your Christmas playlist on the underground commute.

Amelia V