Summer Sporting Spectacles

Spectating and Sun-bathing

Wimbledon: Monday 27 June - Sunday 10 July

For many a Paulina, going to Wimbledon is borderline visiting the countryside. If you haven’t had the privilege of venturing so far south on the District line before, I really recommend that this summer you do. The Wimbledon Tennis Championships are the perfect opportunity to visit the area and although I can’t guarantee any sunshine, the atmosphere and food are definitely worth the trip!

To get tickets for this event I’ll admit that you’ll need one of three things: extreme luck in the ballot, friends in the ‘right places’, or simply a lot of patience for the queue. I queued after school when I was in the V and it wasn’t a bad experience in any way. By the afternoon, it wasn’t as congested as it is in the morning so the wait was only about an hour.

Once in, we were able to walk around all the courts and grab some dinner. The tennis we saw was mainly juniors and doubles but it depends how late on in the tournament you go. During the first week, you can watch some of the top male and female players on the outside courts with just a ground pass. These are very reasonably priced; between £18 - £25 depending on the day. A really good time to go would actually be on Valediction this year which is 29 June. You could easily get to Wimbledon by 1pm and enjoy a full afternoon of great tennis, maybe even picking up some resale tickets for the show courts later on in the afternoon.


Rio 2016 Olympics: Friday 5 August - Sunday 21 August

Despite Rio looking as ready for the Olympics and I am for my AS levels right now, they will be hosting this event in just over three months.

If you’re not as lucky as two unnamed Old Paulinas to get free flights to Rio, viewing this spectacular event might be restricted to your local pub or even the living room with your parents…


Boardmasters: Wednesday 10 August - Sunday 14 August

The great thing about this event is that it’s the perfect mix between a sporting and a music event. The beachside location next to Watergate Bay makes it preferable to the bogs of Reading. Not only is there some incredible surfing skill on display, but also skating and BMX. The diverse line up for 2016 includes Chase and Status, Deadmau5, James Bay and Kaiser Chiefs.

Tickets to camp for the weekend start at £134 and day tickets can be purchased for just under £50. If you don’t fancy making the trek for just a couple of days, it’s easy to coordinate with a holiday anywhere in Cornwall!

Issy Jones VII