Songs to get you through this January

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If you need some motivation…

‘Into the Groove’ by Madonna - If school is killing your inner diva, listen to some Madonna before attempting any homework.

‘Somebody To Love’ by Queen - Anything by Queen is sure to raise spirits and this song is no exception; it can be relied upon to make the greyest of months marginally more cheery.


If you’re feeling deflated post-Christmas…

‘Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!’ by Dean Martin - An old favourite, this song will satisfy your festive yearnings without breaking the January 6th rule; it’s not technically about Christmas!

‘It’s Raining Men’ by Geri Halliwell - This song is sure to boost anyone’s mood. Play it as loud as your family will allow and try not to think about the slightly less exciting rain that’s probably falling outside.


If you need waking up in the morning…

‘You Make Me Feel So Young’ by Frank Sinatra - Sometimes all we need to make the prospect of getting out of bed slightly less dismal is Frank Sinatra. This song is perfect for 8 am – it is neither obnoxiously loud nor sleep-inducing.

‘Starfish and Coffee’ by Prince - In addition to being heart-warming and funky, this song has a complimentary alarm bell and mentions coffee enough to give you a caffeine high.


If you need to relax after a long day…

‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’ by Carole King - Most of Carole King’s songs are upbeat, but this rare ballad is gorgeous and helps me to unwind.

‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’ by The Mamas & The Papas - Possibly the most gentle and lulling song in existence, ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’ reliably makes me sleepy. There are lots of different versions of it, including one with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, but this is the most calming.

Connie V