Small switches you can make to be more eco-conscious

Help end climate change - it's easier than you think!

It can sometimes feel difficult to try and be eco-conscious – it’s sometimes tricky to know what's the best option. However, it's obviously important so here are a few simple tips to help make even the biggest pessimist a budding eco-warrior!

  1. Recycle your morning newspaper - Instead of simply leaving your morning Metro on the train where it will most likely end up in landfill, take your newspaper with you. Not only is it more considerate to the next person in your seat, but you can also just pop it in one of the newspaper recycling bins in the station.
  2. Swap your disposable Starbucks cup for a reusable one - It may feel like you're constantly being bombarded with information about reusable cups but they are actually so handy and useful. Not only do you feel pretty cool and get a discount off your drink, but you no longer contribute to the 16 billion disposable coffee cups used each year! I personally have a 16 Oz (Grande/Medium Size) Coffee Hydroflask which is perfect for hot and cold drinks.
  3. Bring/make your own snacks - Buying a quick snack from the Broadway or the school café can be covenient but it's not particularly eco-friendly or cheap. Instead, try making your own snacks at home such as date and oat balls, pitta chips or even brownies! It is much more cost effective and also means less packaging wastage.
  4. Change your web browser to Ecosia - Ecosia is a web browser (like Chrome or Internet Explorer) which - instead of using their revenue to expand their corporate empire - uses it to plant trees around the world. Their servers are run by 100% renewable energy and every search request removes 1kg of carbon dioxide from the air (about the same a human releases in a day).
  5. Buy from more eco-conscious fashion/beauty brands - There are so many different eco-conscious brands about and there's one for literally everything you might need! My current favorites are "Reformation" for general clothing, "Pela" for phone cases, "Ohii" or "Milk Makeup" for beauty and "Batoko" for swimwear.

Amelia V