The MIV Party - Futuristic and Fun

He said I've been to the Year 3000...

Everyone's favourite disco, the MIV Party, took place on 2 November with the MIV, VII and a few teachers present. It's safe to say everyone there had an amazing time (especially Miss Frank). With Mr Li as DJ, there wasn't ever a moment of silence, except for when we all made a swift exit to the Dining Room once the pizza and snacks were ready. The 'futuristic' theme meant that the Great Hall was covered in shiny tinsel, foil and glitter but best of all were the amazing costumes; girls in both years were dressed in space suits and light up glasses while some girls had their hair chalked and braided and their faces painted and flash-tattooed at the stalls. The MIV Party was truly an enjoyable evening and an unforgettable experience. Thanks to everyone that came and the students and teachers who helped organise the event!

Anjale VII