May fights on

The aftermath of Theresa May's draft Brexit deal

Between the wild speculation of a no confidence vote and multiple cabinet resignations, the question of "what on earth is actually going on?" is certainly an apt way to describe the current state of the Brexit negotiations. 

Theresa May outlined her draft Brexit deal on Thursday evening, facing harsh criticism but promising to keep calm and carry on despite mounting dissent and efforts to push her out of office. The PM has about 250 Tory loyalists who support her deal, however, this is not sufficient for May to remain in power and she still faces tough opposition. Hardline leavers are critical of her draft deal and unlikely to support it, and not enough Labour MPs are backing her. On top of this, the PM has dealt with multiple Cabinet resignations, including Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab. When questioned on LBC, she affirmed reports that she had offered the post to Environment Secretary Michael Gove, another high-profile Brexit supporter, only to have him turn it down.

It seems that amid this turmoil many MPs have lost faith in May, leading many MPs to send letters in support of a vote of no confidence - this would be triggered if 15% of Tory MPs formally opposed Theresa May. This fraught political dynamic is causing Parliament not to look so strong and stable. Now it is a question of whether or not May can manage to get the deal past Parliament without toppling from her already precarious position of power.


Priya V