Jeff Sessions Is Out As Attorney General

After a year of intense scrutiny, Trump has sacked the former senator

The presidential axe that has been hovering over Jeff Sessions for some time has finally come swinging down with a thud.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump fired US Attorney General Jeff Sessions after a long and tumultuous term. Sessions was originally one of Trump’s most loyal surrogates as an Alabama Republican Senator and he was the first person to publicly endorse him. Sessions has pursued a conservative agenda as the Attorney General and is responsible for enforcing much of the Trump administration's hardline approach on immigration. Sessions championed separating migrant children from their parents (among other questionable ideas) and is well known for his opposition to changes in sentencing that would lock fewer people up.

Yet even as Sessions continued to support Trump's policies, his relationship with the President soured in 2017 and has remained strained for months due to the ongoing Mueller investigation as he has been a key player in allegations of possible collusion. He was found to have met with a Russian envoy twice, and as a result, Sessions recused himself from the investigations, deeply frustrating Trump. Amid this fraught dynamic, Sessions repeatedly offered to resign in June while Trump repeatedly criticized him, calling him "very weak" and "disgraceful." This has culminated in Trump firing Sessions immediately after the midterms.

Matthew Whittaker will now assume Sessions' role, as well as taking on the duties of overseeing Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. Mr Mueller's inquiry could continue unaffected or this could be interpreted as the opening play of a White House effort to shut down the investigation.

Priya V