Imagine Dragons Concert Review

The Smoke + Mirrors Tour

On one bleak, cold Wednesday in November, things were not looking so bleak for me. I was lucky enough to see Imagine Dragons at the O2 on tour for their new album, and they were absolutely brilliant. If you haven’t heard the Smoke + Mirrors album yet, you may be in for a surprise. Gone is the cheerful energy of ‘On Top Of The World’ and ‘It’s Time’; in its place are some much darker vibes, some pretty damn slick guitar solos, and angsty lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, the essence of Imagine Dragons is definitely still there, in songs such as ‘I Bet My Life’ and ‘Fall,’ but they’ve definitely amped up the energy levelon this album.

The set kicked off with ‘Shots,’ and the entirety of the O2 was soon singing together, ‘I’m sorry for everything, everything that I’ve done.’ The band made multiple speeches thanking the fans, even bringing two super-fans on stage, and it felt like an honour being part of their audience. Their energy and enthusiasm were catching, and left me in a good mood for the rest of the week (which is hard to achieve by any standards).

Highlights of the show were ‘Demons’, (which followed a verse-long teaser of ‘Bleeding Out’) ‘I Bet My Life,’ and of course, ‘Radioactive’. The concert ended with ‘Fall,’ surprisingly enough, which veered away from the high-intensity drumming during ‘Radioactive’, and this was actually one of very few concerts I’ve been to that ended on a slower song. Fittingly enough, glittering red leaves rained down on the crowd during the final verses, and the concert closed with the whole audience on their feet, clapping madly whilst the band members took a final bow together.

So, next time Imagine Dragons are in town, be sure not to miss these guys. I’ve loved hearing their music evolve from my early favourites, like ‘Drive’, to the classic 2013 anthems of ‘It’s Time’, and finally to the darker, moodier vibes of the new album, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

Ailin Cheng VII