How Travis Scott creates an immersive experience in Astroworld

Over-hyped or under-rated?

‘Astroworld’, the third album from the American rapper Travis Scott, was released this summer in August. It is by far, in my opinion, the best work of his career. Something that sets ‘Astroworld’ apart from any rap album is the use of hip-hop infused with trap and psychedelic beats. However, despite the catchy and compelling beats, Scott’s lack of in-depth lyrics tends to bring down the quality of the immersive experience, trivializing his life and reducing the immense potential of the album.

My favourite song from the tracklist is definitely ‘Coffee Bean’- a very old school style hip-hop song with elements of funk (a mixture of soul, jazz and R&B). Scott also borrowed a lot from Kanye West's (his long-term collaborator and friend) album ‘Life of Pablo. A heavy influence from the downbeat sound and flow in West's ‘30 Hours’ can be recognised in 'Coffee Bean'. It is also on this song where Scott reflects on his sudden fatherhood with Kylie Jenner, the lyrics addressing his feelings on the complicated matter - a rare occurrence for Travis Scott listeners to hear.

In conclusion, this album is his strongest so far. Using his skill as an experienced producer, Travis Scott is able to create a vivid and illusory world, with odd yet dazzling songs that won’t cease to amaze you.

Ashvini V