Henley Women's Regatta

Taking time trials by storm

On Saturday 18 June, eight rowers and one cox set off for Henley with coach Mr Hennessy. We entered a coxless quad (Nicola Lawless, Helen Kirkpatrick, Nicola Thomson and Lara Valt) and a coxed four (Asta Lewis, Aurelia Cowan, Anika Agarwal, Freya Casson and Milly Isaacs).

Both crews took their respective time trials by storm; however, the coxed four encountered a drifting log at the beginning of their race, which damaged the boat and meant they had to stop rowing. Luckily they were given another chance to race and so quickly switched boats and prepared to race again, this time even more charged up.

Both boats qualified (placing them in the top 16) which was a great achievement as it was the first time ever in St Paul's Boat Club history!

Anika Agarwal VII