The Best Summer Clothing Shops

Where to shop for the latest summer trends

With the summer holidays approaching and temperatures rising, there is a huge increase in demand for nice summer clothes. However, buying original, nice and not too expensive summer clothes is getting harder every year. As a shopping-enthusiast, I have compiled a list of my favourite summer shops.

I have tried to collect my favourite four brands which have easy shiopping and have cool, funky prints that you can wear all summer.

  • Motel Rocks

- Super interesting and fun clothes.

- Favourite Items: their wrap tops.

Found on ASOS or their website

  • Depop (I know, it is not a shop)

- Amazing to find cheap but unique clothes, you can find vintage summer clothes or just small businesses or homemade clothes (or search up big brands used).

- Favourite Items: any of their personalised graphic tees.

Download their app from the app store

  • Nasty Gal

- For basic, cheap summer essentials: or dupes of your favourite high-end brands.

- Favourite Items: their bodysuits or plain tee shirts.

- N.B. They are having a sale right now.

Found on their website  

  • Jaded London

- Really fun and orignal swimsuits, if you want to stand out at the beach.

- Favourite Items: their dragon endorned swimsuits

Found on Topshop, ASOS or their website


Mimi V