9 reasons why you should go to a British music festival this summer

Coachella what? Stagecoach who?

1. Experience a whole new variety of music, bands and singers while you’re there. 

2. The non-music experience is also a lot of fun. Most festivals have a range of alternative acts, such as comedy or dance in addition to the musical performances.

3. Atmosphere – whether you love it or hate it, it’s certainly special.

4. Learning how to fend for yourself for a few days – a weekend with no wifi, bed, shower, or mummy and daddy…

5. It’s the only time in one’s life when wearing glitter, wellies, a fanny pack, whilst sporting greasy hair and clashing colours, is completely socially acceptable, and even the norm. Truly a fashion choice to take advantage of, no?

6. Aesthetically pleasing and ‘Instagramable’ festivals like Coachella are for rookies. Learn how to be properly British and revel in the mud and sludge that comes with any GB festival.

7. Meet new mates – people are normally really friendly and you’ll become chums with your neighbours of all backgrounds and ages (Side note: often extremely helpful when it comes to setting up tents or borrowing things).

8. You’ll discover a newfound love for your bed, which will irrevocably change (for the better) your relationship with your pillows forever.

9. And if you never go to one, you’ll never know if you like it or not…

Olivia VII