Welcome to the About Us page of iPaulina! Our names are Anjale and Nikaya, and we are this year’s editors. We would like to introduce Paulina, who was a member of the school in 1924, and will be guiding you through this page as you complete your journey around St Paul's. She appears to be in uniform, but students here are free to dress how they choose.

Tutor Groups

An important part of the pastoral care here is the tutor system. Our tutor sees us everyday, and we have small tutor groups, so they know us well and can help us with any problems that occur in and out of school. We also have a Big Sister programme, so older girls can help guide and give advice to younger girls based on their experiences. Assembly is also a big part of school life, as we gather in the Great Hall three times a week to sing hymns, learn about topics outside the curriculum and hear about past trips.

Learning and Teaching

There are a wide range of subjects on offer here, from ancient Greek to our very own visual arts course. Throughout school we get to experience almost all of them and can choose what we want to continue to study. Learning is at the heart of everything we do here, and the teachers are very inspirational in their passion for their respective subjects, which makes lessons special. As with most other schools, we are set homework here, but it is always for a purpose, whether to consolidate lesson work or to extend our knowledge of the subject.


There are three  libraries at St Paul's: the Warburg Library, the Old Library and the Colet Library. They are at the heart of studying here, and are often filled with girls either reading or doing private study. They have a huge collection of books on every possible topic you could wish for, as well as films in different languages which are available to borrow.


As well as its academics, St Paul's is known for its incredible food, which is eagerly awaited by both students and teachers every day. There are four different dishes to choose from, all healthy and influenced by different cultures around the world, as well as pudding, fruit and the salad bar. Sometimes we even have themed lunches, with new, and sometimes strange, things to try such as crocodile or insects!


Drama is a huge part of St Paul's extra curricular world, with dozens of productions every year which anyone can be a part of. There are biennual musicals, the Colet Play which is produced entirely by the VII (Year 12), the Dance Show and studio productions put on independently by students. However, it’s not only the actors that can get involved, but anyone interested in tech and lighting backstage have tons of opportunities to learn and participate in the school productions.


The music department is one of the prides of the school, with famed composer Gustav Holst a past Head of Music. There are soundproof music rooms where students can have lessons, or practice privately, as well as a state of the art recording studio, which is used throughout curricular lessons for class compositions. Students who are interested in music have the chance to join the choir and orchestra, as well as advanced groups such as Paulina Voices and Symphony. As well as this, we are very unique as we have a huge organ which plays in every assembly, and can be learnt in private lessons.


Art is also an integral part of St Paul’s, with many keen art enthusiasts continuing to take the subject throughout their time at school, as well as art pieces from over the years being displayed all around the school. We have five different art studios that specialise in different aspects of art. These include the printing studio, the clay making studio, the digital studio, the main art studio and the DT department. We also have a kiln and a dark room.


Sport is a big aspect of our school life and there are many opportunities to get involved throughout one’s time here, whether through a lunch time club, sports lesson or through our annual year-long sports competition where everyone is divided into five or six different teams and competes in every sport throughout the year. We have a range of sports on offer, including: lacrosse, netball, rowing, athletics, tennis, football, basketball and swimming. Matches and/or competitions are arranged for all of these sports, but Paulinas can also participate in non-competitive sports such as rock climbing and horse riding!


We have a huge variety of societies ranging from Improv Club to Dissection Society. These clubs and societies take place during lunchtimes, break times or after school and are a big part of school life. A Paulina will almost always be able to find a society that she enjoys and that plays to her passions or interests; and if that isn’t the case, then anyone can simply create their own society!


We have many publications at school that are all predominantly or entirely student-run. Some of the main publications are M2 (lifestyle and culture magazine), The Marble (student newspaper), The Foodie (food magazine), CaCO3 (science magazine)… but there are more!


Charities are an integral part of school life. We have a Charities Committee (a team of girls in the VII) who coordinate charity school events, such as the Amnesty Concert (a talent show which both students and teachers partake in). We also have our very own clothes shop inside our school called Re-Store, which is entirely student-run, and all the proceeds go to charity. Moreover, we have a scheme called New Leaf that aims to reuse and recycle all textbooks and this includes redistributing old textbooks to younger girls.


During one’s time at St Paul’s, you are able to go on a whole range of school trips. We have had school trips ranging from the Galapagos Islands to China and everywhere in between!


There are a lot of fun events throughout the year such as Colet Day, the Christmas Concert, the Amnesty Concert, the Dance Show, the Colet Play, the Christmas Fair, the MIV party and more…!