U19 Lacrosse World Championship

Our very own Emily Parfitt represented Wales!

In summer 2015, I represented Wales at the U19 Lacrosse World Championship, held in Edinburgh. The practice matches and the tournament spanned two weeks and began with the much awaited opening ceremony.

Wales was grouped in the top pool, meaning our pool played matches consisting of games against the top four teams: USA, Canada, Australia and England. All of these matches were challenging but it was amazing being able to play at such a high level and watch some incredible lacrosse.

Although I had assumed that I would complete all of my summer reading and university preparation whilst there, the playing was very time-consuming as well as mentally and physically exhausting. Thankfully, towards the end of the tournament we did have some opportunities to explore the city, including hiking up Arthur’s Seat at 6am one morning and sampling the nightlife!

The two weeks were the culmination of a lot of hard work over the past four years and whilst the training camps, tour and tournament were exhausting at times (especially when you’re made to 'glamp' at a training weekend in Welsh rain), it was an unforgettable experience and an amazing few weeks of my summer.

Emily Parfitt VIII

(In the end, Wales placed 7th at the tournament out of 14 nations. Having Emily represent St Paul’s at such a high level was both an amazing achievement and something for our younger lacrosse players to look up to! – Issy Jones VII)