Things to do in London over Half Term

Stuck for ideas?

As you all know, the half term is coming up; and if you aren’t going abroad, the likelihood is that you won’t have much to do during the holidays. Here I’ve compiled a list of some interesting activities for you to do over this holiday:

Cast your mind to the past – Jon Cotton gives a talk on all the historical artefacts that have been found at the bottom of the Thames. This takes place on 23 February at 7.30pm at the Pier House W4 2UG. Tickets will be sold on the door for £3.

STOMP – A hip-hop themed dance crew who use dustbins as instruments.

Monkey stuff – Go over to Trafalgar Square on Valentine’s Day from 10pm, and join in with the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Watch Suits – Okay, so I understand that not everyone likes going outside and being sociable, so I thought I’d put this Netflix series on here. It is similar to Law and Order but is about the lawyers more than the cops. It is amazing!

The Prospect of Whitby – This fabulous pub is roughly 400 years old and has brilliant quality food. It has a lovely view of the Thames and is near central London. I would recommend this for a family lunch outing. 

Courtenay Crow UIV