St Paul's Boys' Play

A different type of boy drama...

On Thursday 28 April, the boys' school hosted two drama performances, one of which was a rather controversial take on Romeo and Juliet, using The Propeller Theatre company as inspiration. The boys chose a gloomy, desolate rubbish dump as the setting, and opted for a gangster costume, complete with headscarves. Despite being abridged, the performance was extremely engaging and provided an unorthodox insight to Shakespeare’s most famous play.

The second performance was an unforgettable experience, for many reasons. The boys chose to adapt Milton’s Paradise Lost and took inspiration from Grotowski (for all those whom are unacquainted with the name, he’s a Polish minimalist theatre practitioner). The performance included audience participation, whereby two poor boys were made to sit inside a caged area with the actors screeching at them. Although a rather odd 40 minutes, the play was clearly laden with deeper meaning, and the acting level was outstanding.

The most surprising event of the night, despite continuous screeching being surprising in itself, was undoubtedly when in the midst of the actor’s screams and furious rattling from the cage,  a stage light broke and fell onto the stage, luckily missing the boys by half an inch. Despite this, the Paulines kept in character and continued with their outstanding performance.

Chiara Maurino VII