Should Film Studies be made a subject at St Paul's?

Send us your thoughts/opinions

On 21 June, Dr Julia Dobson from Sheffield University came to St Paul’s to give us a brief introduction to the world of cinematography. She gave an animated talk on the meaning behind film, with particular focus on the French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. We were played a snippet of his film Amelie and challenged to infer the message of his work by looking at the setting, characters, mood and tone.

This introduced us to the idea that movies and films aren’t purely made for entertainment purposes. They are a form of art that, like all other forms of art, retain a subtler meaning which is there for the viewer to deduce. This revelation led me to consider whether film should be studied at school. Surely, if art, literature, music and drama is appreciated on an educational level, then film should be given the same treatment? What do you think? Email Chiara, Molly or Cammie to let us know!

Chiara VII