MIV Party

MIV 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' themed party, hosted by VII

On Friday 14th November the Great Hall was transformed into a balloon-filled, streamer-laden, disco light- flooded world of piñatas, sweets, chocolates and yet more sweets. The occasion? The sweetest event of the year- the MIV party; and this year was sweeter than ever as our chosen theme was ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Organised and run by the VIIth for their ‘little sisters’ in the MIV, this event gives us ‘older sisters’ in the VIIth the chance to chill with the MIVs and check up on how they’re settling in at SPGS- all whilst jamming on the dance floor, and cramming our mouths with treats from the chocolate fountain (the more viable alternative to a chocolate river). Weeks ahead of the event we had all presented our ‘little sisters’ with ‘golden tickets’ to the party, and had had the opportunity to discuss costume ideas with them at a ‘sister breakfast’. The result was a jam-packed hall of excited giant blueberries (Violet Beauregard), Willy Wonkas, life-sized chocolate bars and many other wonderfully- wacky costumes. Prior to the disco with entertainment provided in the form of Mr Burns and his team of ‘Oompa Loompas’ organising musical statues, we were able to fuel ourselves with an array of treats in the dining room, which after much painstaking preparation, was full of fluffy marshmallows, colourful cupcakes and popcorn .Overall, it was a fantastic event that both years enjoyed greatly, and we hope that in a few years’ time the MIVs will have just as much fun as we did throwing a party for their ‘little sisters’.  

Gopija Nanthagopan VII