Kingston Small Boats Head

The J16 Rowing Season Begins

Saturday, November 8th marked the beginning of the winter rowing season for the majority of J16s as it was our first big race this term. Kingston Small Boats Head allows entries from boats with up to four people, hence ‘small boats’. The word ‘head’ means that the race is a time trial where crews are set off one after another at intervals of 10 seconds. Head races are known for being long, around a winding course - Kingston was 5k and included many turns - and for taking place during the winter months. 


Having been put into scratch crews (scratch crew: ‘a crew which has not rowed with each other before’) with many people racing the lengthy distance twice and a forecast of rain and cold temperatures, some of us were slightly less optimistic about the day ahead than others. Despite the cold and wet weather, we all had a fun day full of boats, food and including a sticky situation involving many boats, a tree and an argument with an umpire! 



J16 4+ - 1st  

J16 4x - 3rd  

J16 2x - 2nd  

Senior 4x - 3rd 


Anika Agarwal, VI