High Temperature Superconductors at Low Temperatures

In other words: fun with liquid nitrogen

On 9 November, Dr Slaski gave a talk entitled 'High Temperature Superconductors at Low Temperatures', to members of the VII as well as representatives from other nearby schools. Dr Slaski introduced us to the concept of superconductors that operated at very low temperatures, such as at around 30K (-243C) and had no resistance. Through a series of exciting demonstrations using liquid nitrogen, he also showed us how a new family of recently discovered superconductors operated at a considerably higher temperature, with some reaching around 100K (-173C). The highlight of the talk was definitely when we were all given the opportunity to play with the 77K (-196C) liquid nitrogen ourselves, with several of us freezing objects such as flowers and balloons so that they became brittle enough for us to break them easily. 


Emma Gu VII