Friday Lecture: Dr Fiona Bartels Ellis

Fighting For Equality and Diversity Across the Globe

I never expected to meet someone like Dr Fiona Bartels-Ellis. Born in Ghana, she is Head of Equal Opportunity and Diversity at the British Council, making her a figurehead for change in 110 countries, and has earned an OBE and the Ghana Professional Achievers Award for her work. Listening to her at this week's Friday lecture was truly eye-opening; it seems incredible to me that one woman can have such an exciting wealth of experiences, from protecting women in Saudi from public beatings because they hadn't covered their heads, to confronting a conference room full of Nigerian men shouting abuse at her and a gay colleague. Speaking to her during the lecture lunch I realised just how little we had scratched the surface of her life with our questions, even though the stories she told had conveyed global issues and challenged us in a way we never expected. 


Eleanor Gibbon VII