Brief Encounter

A review of this year's VIII play

On Thursday 3rd March I went to see the VIII Play, Brief Encounter, with a few friends. I can speak for every member of the audience when I state with conviction that the performance was both hilarious and excellently carried out.

Despite the characteristically twentieth-century feel of the play, given that it was first produced in the 1940’s, the VIII didn’t hesitate to add their own touch. Notably, the play interacted vividly with the audience - from the very beginning whereby audience members were guided to their seats by fully costumed ushers as if they were attending the theatre, and throughout, as during the second act an actor chucked a piece of bread to an audience member and then snatched it back claiming, “Well if you’re not going to eat it!”.

The singing and dancing was spectacular, particularly  Danny Starr and Orla Quiligan whose rather racy moves had everyone in hysterics. All in all, an excellent evening with a refreshing take on an old-time classic dramatic piece.

Chiara Maurino VII