The best/worst science puns on the internet

Who said science isn't pun?

Science might not be known for being the biggest bag of laughs on the timetable, but by God is it a pun­lover’s paradise. Of course, the great interweb is saturated with brilliantly geeky quips, but most of them I’d deem too weak to cause a reaction. I’ve trawled through the best and worst offerings of the Twittersphere and have chosen a couple of my personal favourites.

1. Rihanna be like ‘​­PΔVPΔV­PΔV­PΔV­PΔV ­(*unintelligible mumbling*) PΔVPΔV­PΔV­PΔV­PΔV­'

2. Daniel: What's that thing that makes hydroelectric power called?

    Me: A dam Daniel.

3. A chemistry lab is like a big party. Some drop the acid while others drop the bass.

I'm sorry that the humour here was basic but I hope you enjoyed the read. I wish I could go on but sadly all the best jokes Argon... 

Lara Schull VII